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Five Easy Styling Tricks for a Magazine-Worthy Bathroom

Five Easy Styling Tricks for a Magazine-Worthy Bathroom

If you've gone to all of the effort to create the bathroom of your dreams, you most certainly will want to make it look its best when your renovation or new build is complete. If you find yourself feeling a bit lost when it comes to all of those finishing touches that really make a space come to life, you're not alone. Many people feel comfortable enough choosing the flooring, wall tile, and a vanity style for their bathroom projects, but aren't really sure how to make it feel like home once installation of the new bathroom is finished. Today we'll share a few little styling tricks that you can use to make your new bathroom look and feel like it came straight out of a magazine.

Introduce Plants and Greenery

If you do nothing else with the decor in the bathroom, make sure to bring in something green. If the idea of having a real plant that you have to take care of in the washroom seems a bit inconvenient to you, a good quality faux plant can absolutely achieve the same effect. Or try a bunch of eucalyptus from the grocery store to give your space a spa-like feel.

Splurge on Turkish Towels

Bathroom Styling Trick Splurge on Turkish Towels

You'll need to have hand towels in your washroom whether it's a powder room or a full family bathroom, and you can definitely add to the beauty of the space with something a little more special than a basic terrycloth towel. Not only are Turkish towels incredibly soft and absorbent, they also often feature beautiful patterns and their fringe helps bring a little texture to your space.

Add Natural Accessories

Speaking of texture, it's absolutely key to think about adding textural elements in a space such as a bathroom with all those hard metal, porcelain, and stone finishes. This can be done with baskets, natural wood elements, and natural accessories like scrub brushes, sponges, and biodegradable wood toothbrushes, or things like rattan tissue box covers and trash cans.

Get the Special Soap

Real estate is limited on most bathroom vanities, so every item you add really counts. That drug store soap in the plastic bottle just isn't worth the amount of space it takes up. With that in mind, buy the best, most luxurious soap you can find in a beautiful bottle. This way it becomes an item that's both functional and decorative and it will really make you feel a little special every time you go to wash your hands.

Incorporate Unexpected Art

Using art in unexpected places is a big trend and there's no reason that the bathroom needs to be left out. You may be nervous about using real art in an area with so much moisture, but it's become incredibly easy to find inexpensive prints that give you the look of an original painting for a fraction of the cost.

Use Trays and Risers

Use a tray or a riser to elevate special soaps, candles, plants or accessories. This allows you to create different visual levels, which is pleasing to the eye, and make simple, practical items feel a bit more special. Trays and risers allow you to add in another textural element without taking up much space at all on your countertop at all and you may start to notice that all of your favorite bathroom images from magazines use this trick in one way or another.

Article and photos by Courtenay of The Creek Line House.

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