Warm Living Room Refresh by Martha Knake

February 19, 2020

Warm Living Room Refresh by Martha Knake

It's just beginning to snow outside as I begin writing this post. No better time to share my warm living room refresh. I have been slowly adding earthy elements since the holidays ended. Winter months can seem to drag on this time of year, so creating cozy in our home is one way I know how to lift my spirits.

Warm Living Room Refresh


I do love a good switch-a-roo, but when items gel well together, that desire isn't as heavy. I purchased a new rug, which was a step outside my comfort zone in terms of pattern and color. Let me also add, it was love at first sight! Like, seriously, sooo pretty! Because the attention is now pulled in a different direction, I felt the need to simplify my coffee table decor.

The vessel was one of the first items I found while shopping after Christmas sales. Not only does it bring texture to this space, its overall color is the perfect blend with the new rug. Not to mention, its shape is perfect to stand alone on a round coffee table.

Add Instant Warmth with Foliage


You may have already caught on, but my warm living room refresh includes lots of new greenery. Plants provide instant warmth and life when added to any space. Whether you are team real or faux, foliage is a win-win when adding cozy.

Speaking of faux, I had been eyeing this banana leaf for the past year. I'm obsessed with how much life it added to the living room! The size, color, and texture were exactly what that awkward open space between the buffet and window needed. I struggled with that spot for years. Before the buffet sat there, we had a piano that brought the same challenge. This banana leaf finally closed the gap.   

Give Me All the Mood Lighting


Adding more lamps is another way I incorporated cozy into this warm living room refresh. Give me all the soft, mood lighting all day everyday this time of year. I moved that table lamp out here and I love the balance it gives paired with the ginger jar. I'm finding that bigger pieces go a long way when decorating. Larger items not only fill in the gaps, but prevent cluttering up a space too! Sometimes less is MORE, am I right? Fewer large pieces can make your space feel bigger while not jumbled. I find that when I add many smaller items together, it can feel untidy quickly. That's when I feel the nudge to start changing things up again. I can honestly say with the larger pieces I am merging into our home, the more satisfied I am.

The corner where that chic new lamp is standing was another awkward spot begging for warmth. I tried having a plant there, but anytime someone sat in the hanging chair, down toppled the plant. Now the space is not only filled, but provides a cozy reading spot with plenty of space to lightly sway. As far as I'm concerned, twinkly lights are an element to be incorporated all year round. Just like plants, they elevate cozy in any area. 

Adding extra amounts of cozy this time of year can truly help while we await warmer temps outdoors. I truly hope you found the tips shared in my warm living room refresh useful. 

Article and photos by Martha Knake.

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