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Meet Our Engineered Stone Countertops

Meet Our Engineered Stone Countertops

Browse through our extensive bathroom vanity selection and you might notice that we're big fans of Carrara marble - most of our cabinet models are available with authentic Carrara marble countertops. However, we also understand that caring for Carrara marble countertops is not for everyone!

Thankfully, we offer a range of engineered stone countertops that are as beautiful as they are practical. Our engineered tops are durable and low-maintenance, making them suitable for powder rooms, kids bathrooms, and rental properties.

Quartz Countertops

Bathroom Vanity with Quartz Countertop

This is the first engineered stone we introduced, and it remains one of our most popular. Like all quartz countertops, this manmade stone is made by combining ground quartz powder (made from natural quartz) with resin for a resilient, long-lasting finish. Our quartz is an off-white color with neutral speckles throughout for a timeless appearance that will complement a variety of bathroom decors.

Engineered Carrara Countertops

Bathroom Vanity with Engineered Carrara Countertop

As the name implies, our engineered Carrara stone has dappled gray veining designed to resemble authentic Carrara marble. Like natural marble, the pattern may vary from countertop to countertop. As a non-porous material, our engineered Carrara does not require sealing. This countertop is currently available on our Element by KBC vanities only.

Engineered White Countertops

Bathroom Vanity with Engineered White Countertop

Our engineered white countertop has a clean, solid white appearance with subtle grains visible upon close inspection. We recommend cleaning regularly with gentle household cleaners to maintain its polished appearance, but no sealing is required. This countertop is currently available on our Element by KBC vanities only.

Matte White Countertops

Floating Bathroom Vanity with Matte White Top

This countertop is nearly identical to our engineered white stone, except that it has a matte (rather than polished) finish. This top is exclusive to our Olso floating bathroom vanity with blonde veneer cabinet.

Engineered Marble Countertops

Yorkshire Farmhouse Vanity with Engineered Marble Top

Available only on the Yorkshire farmhouse vanity, our super thick (3 cm/1.18 in) engineered marble countertop is made from a single slab of stone. The veining has a stunning blue-gray hue and is more defined compared to our engineered Carrara.

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