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Bathroom Remodel Inspiration: Smart Shower Design

Bathroom Remodel Inspiration: Smart Shower Design

A great shower helps you refresh and renew each day, so when planning your bathroom remodel, take the time to design the right shower to fit your lifestyle. If you're designing your own remodel, do as much research as you can prior to calling the contractor. By narrowing down the exact shower elements you want to incorporate (tiles, doors, fixtures, etc.), you can save quite a bit of time and money.

If you're still in the early planning stages, these brilliant shower remodel ideas can provide the ideas and inspiration you need to move forward!

Spa-Inspired Seating Area with Bench

shower remodel wooden bench sitting area


Via Brio Interior Design. This walk-in shower incorporates a spa-inspired bench perfect for your pre-and post-shower routine. The trim placement allows you to get the temperature just right before you even enter the water.

Attic Shower with Sloped Ceiling and Skylight 

attic shower sloped ceiling skylight window

Via Elms Interior Design. The designer took advantage of the sloped ceiling by adding a skylight window to let in plenty of natural light. The various elements, from the white shower tiles to the deep-blue flooring to the natural wood finish on the tub, work together to create a pretty and inviting space.

Modern Shower with Wood Flooring

elegant shower remodel wood flooring 

Via Noelle Interiors. This bathroom remodel utilizes neutral-color walls, glass panels, and water-resistant wood flooring to give the shower an expansive and elegant feel.

Walk-in Shower and Bathtub Combination

marble walk-in shower wit bathtub remodel 

Also Via Noelle Interiors. Combining the bathtub and shower within the same walk-in space has multiple benefits. It can save money during the remodeling / installation phase, it's easier to clean, and you don't have to worry about splashing water all over the floor while using the tub!

Incorporate Artwork into the Shower Tiles

shower tiles pattern artwork image

Via Kate Roos Design. Sure, you can add some accent tiles to your shower walls, or you can go one step further with a colorful image or phrase that reflects your personality. The possibilities are endless!

Get Creative with a Unique Doorless Shower

doorless open walk-in shower 

Via Cushing Terrell on Houzz. If your bathroom layout allows it, consider skipping the shower doors altogether for a seamless look and experience. You may want to use the similar or complementary flooring inside and around the shower for consistency.

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