The Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Colors

January 16, 2020

The Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Colors

Thanks to design blogs, Pinterest, and home renovation shows, people have higher expectations for their bathroom remodels than ever before. Bathrooms are no longer drab afterthoughts, but rather integral extensions of our home decor. The bathroom is where you get ready to face the day and where you get ready for bed, so it’s important to make it as pleasant as possible.

Not surprisingly, people are moving away from plain-looking pedestal sinks to vanity cabinets that resemble stylish pieces of furniture. As bathroom vanity brands expand the range of size and style options available, the most popular colors are evolving as well. Read on to learn more about the most-in demand shades and how to make them work for you!

1. White Bathroom Vanities

2. Gray Bathroom Vanities

3. Blue Bathroom Vanities

4. Brown Bathroom Vanities

5. Wood Bathroom Vanities

White Bathroom Vanities

Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Color White

White bathroom vanities continue to be as popular as ever, as they are versatile enough to work with almost every decor style. The countertop can make a big difference in the overall appearance, so if you prefer a lighter top, we recommend either Quartz or Carrara Marble. If you are using muted earth tones throughout the bathroom, a Crema Marfil marble top will blend in seamlessly. For something a bit more striking, consider a white bathroom vanity with black top.

Gray Bathroom Vanities

Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Color Gray

Although gray may not be the first color that comes to mind when researching vanities, it has proven to be a bestseller. Like their white counterparts, gray bathroom vanities work well with a wide variety of color schemes. A charcoal or weathered gray vanity will give your bathroom an elegant and warm aesthetic; a gray oak vanity, on the other hand, is sleek and contemporary.

Blue Bathroom Vanities

Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Color Blue

Classic blue may have been Pantone’s 2020 color of the year, but blue bathroom vanities have been a hit with consumers long before then. This unique color tends to make a bold statement, so it may be a good idea to order the vanity first, then design the bathroom around it. If your decor theme is whimsical or beach-inspired, opt for a softer shade like powder blue. If you’re going for a dramatic or ultra-modern feel, a darker royal blue color might be a better choice.

Brown Bathroom Vanities

Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Color Brown

Neutral tones are classic and welcoming, so while color trends may come and go, brown vanities are always in style. Our chocolate cabinets with contrasting Quartz, Carrara Marble, or Crema Marfil countertops for added sophistication and balance.

Wood Bathroom Vanities

Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Color Wood

Ok, wood technically isn’t a color, but due to its popularity, we couldn't leave it off the list. Wood finishes are not just for the DIY crowd anymore - professional designers and home decorators are seeking out wood-stained vanities to give their bathrooms natural and rustic vibes!

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